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Outline of JHRS


The Japanese Heart Rhythm Society (JHRS)


Wataru Shimizu, MD, PhD

Secretariat Office

4F KYONI BLDG., 4-3-24 Kudan-kita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0073 Japan
Tel: +81-3-6261-7351 / Fax: +81-3-6261-7350
Email: office@jhrs.or.jp

About Us

The Japanese Heart Rhythm Society was established in May 2015 by a merger between the Japanese Heart Rhythm Society and the Japanese Society of Electrocardiology.

Because these two societies were making contributions in much the same field, a merger between them had been discussed many times over the course of the preceding decade. Both strongly believed that the integration of human and material resources would result in the further advancement of scientific activities in the field of arrhythmia and electrocardiology in Japan.

The new integrated body, the JHRS, continues to engage in activities such as further promoting a multidisciplinary approach in areas such as pathology, diagnosis and treatment concerning arrhythmia and strengthening coordination between clinical and basic research in the field of electrocardiology, activities that had been established by the respective societies over a 30-year period. We are also striving to promote clinical research related to arrhythmia as well as the education and cultivation of human resources to improve diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiac diseases and foster medical development while also contributing to the advancement of public health throughout Japan.


  1. Providing a venue for presentations, and sponsoring of lectures, training sessions and seminars, related to cardiac arrhythmia.
  2.  Publication of a journal and articles and books on cardiac arrhythmia, thereby serving to publicize the discipline.
  3. Engaging in academic investigation and research on the subject of cardiac arrhythmia.
  4. Certifying physicians as specialists for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmia.
  5. Communicating and collaborating with other academic societies within and outside of Japan.
  6. Developing the human resources of non-physician medical professionals that are engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, with a special focus on cardiac arrhythmia.
  7. Providing information to citizens on health maintenance and prevention of heart disease, with a special focus on cardiac arrhythmia.
  8. Providing a consultation service on heart disease with a special focus on cardiac arrhythmia.
  9. Engaging in other activities for the realization of the aforementioned purpose.


Journal of Arrhythmia
Language: English. Once every two months, six issues/year
Journal of Arrhythmia Supplement
Language: English. One issue/year
Japanese Journal of Electrocardiology
Language: Japanese. Once every two months, six issues/year

Scientific Meetings

Once a year, usually in July. Sessions are conducted in English and Japanese.

Heart Rhythm Society

4-3-24 Kudan-kita,
102-0073 Japan
Tel: +81-3-6261-7351
Fax: +81-3-6261-7350
Email office@jhrs.or.jp